Service Exploitation 1



CyberQ skill packs provide direct hands-on, practical experiences in the EC-Council Cyber Range Platform. The CyberQ skill pack – Service Exploitation 1 provides an assembly of 10 distinct exercises in in various Service Exploitation techniques. Purchasing this product will enable the Learning Path in your CyberQ Account providing up to three attempts for each challenge.


Nearly all pen testing assignments or hacking attempts employ brute-force tactics against weak passwords of the different system services such as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Server Message Block (SMB), Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) to gain access to the victim’s machine.

Service Exploitation Techniques Covered in the Learning Path:

  • RDP Bruteforcing
  • SMB Enumeration
  • WinRM Bruteforcing
  • WinRM Bruteforcing
  • SSH Cracking
  • EternalBlue exploit
  • Autoblue exploit
  • MySQL Password Bruteforcing
  • FTP Password Cracking
Skill ID Statement
S0001 Skill in conducting vulnerability scans and recognizing vulnerabilities in security systems.
S0009 Skill in assessing the robustness of security systems and designs.
S0044 Skill in mimicking threat behaviors.
S0051 Skill in the use of penetration testing tools and techniques.
S0137 Skill in conducting application vulnerability assessments.
S0364 Skill to develop insights about the context of an organization’s threat environment
  • Blue Team Technician
  • Red Team Technician
  • Computer Network Defense (CND) Auditor
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Internal Enterprise Auditor
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Reverse Engineer
  • Risk/Vulnerability Analyst
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician
  • Vulnerability Manager

Environment Screenshots