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CAST 611 Course

Base package includes:

  • Instructor led training modules (1 year access)
  • Official e-courseware (1 year access)
  • iLabs access (6 Months Access)
  • Certificate of Completion for each course
  • Exam Voucher

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Course Description

The course will teach you how to perform a professional security test as well as how to produce the next most important thing… the findings and the report!

The ranges progress in difficulty and reflect an enterprise level architecture. There will be defenses to defeat and challenges to overcome. This is not your typical FLAT network! As the range levels increase you will encounter the top defenses of today and learn the latest evasion techniques.

The format you will use has been used to train 1000s of penetration testers globally, it is proven and effective!

Course Overview

Why should I take CAST 611 if I already have ECSAv9?

ECSAv9 offers 12 challenges. Each challenge informs the student what machine to assess and/or discover weaknesses in and provides the student a guide through the pen test with the object of discovering targets. (Akin to a CTF for practice purposes.) ECSAv9 is a terrific first step pen-test course. Think of ECSAv9 as less lecture and more labs.
Conversely, In the CAST 611, the student is only provided a scope of work document, and no other guidance, which is a huge step closer to preparing the student for a real life scenario. In this course students will also have to overcome defenses as well as discover targets. Think of CAST 611 as all labs.

What is the difference between CAST 611 and other Hands On-Courses

As with any course there are other pen test courses on the market and in our opinion some are better than others. We find that these courses focus on the building of scripts and the writing of exploits aspect of penetration testing which can limit the audience and reach of the course.

The CAST 611 focuses on identifying and assessing the risk to your clients. This requires learning what areas of the network can be potentially penetrated by a threat, and then taking the data, analyzing it, and presenting in a usable form to the client.

Another thing that the CAST 611 does is prepare you for a number of different targets. The course range offers students many different targets, and the targets get progressively more difficult. Once a student accomplishes the goal of determining the weaknesses of the first targets, and then assessing that risk, they move to more complex ranges with more difficult targets.

The target designs are based on more than 25 years of real world experience from a professional pen tester whose task was also to work as a network defender. Students can expect to encounter decoys triggers and honeypot/honeynets that they will have to find. There are more than 12 targets at every level.

The CAST 611 has had many students who have completed or attempted other hands-on courses, and they have let us know that the changing targets are a significant challenge, and very few have mastered all the levels of the targets.

Can I take CAST 611 after CEH without ECSA?

Yes, the CEH provides you with enough information about the process which will enable you to take the CAST 611without first attending ECSA. The thing to remember is that no matter what courses you take, the more practice you are exposed to the closer you are to becoming a pro-level pen tester. That said, if you don’t practice with the tools you were taught in the CEH course, then you will need a refresher on how to use the tools.

About the Exam

Number of Questions: 60

Required Passing Score: 70%

Test Duration: 75 Minutes

Test Format: Open book, note and access to range is allowed during the test

Test Delivery: EC-Council Exam Center (ECC EXAM)

Training Methods

iLearn Self-Paced Online Security Training

iLearn is EC Council’s online, self-paced option which means that all of the same modules taught in the live course are recorded and presented in a streaming video format. A certification candidate can set their own learning pace by pausing the lectures and returning to their studies as their schedule permits!

This all-inclusive training program provides the benefits of classroom training at your own pace.

Base package includes:

  • Instructor-led, streaming video training modules – 1 year access
  • Official EC-Council e-courseware – 1 year access
  • iLabs, virtual lab platform – 6 months access
  • Certification Exam Voucher
  • Certificate of Attendance

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Live, Online, Instructor-led

Live,Online courses delivered Live, Online by a Certified EC-Council Instructor! Courses run 8 am to 4 pm Mountain time, Monday thru Friday.

Training Includes:

  • Official Courseware
  • iLabs, Online Labs (6 Months Access)
  • Certification Exam Voucher

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EC-Council can bring a turn-key training solution to your location. Call for a quote. Training Includes:

Training Includes:

  • Official Courseware
  • iLabs, Online Labs (6 Months Access)
  • Certification Exam Voucher

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Courseware Only

We recognize that some folks have the background and experience to forgo training, so official courseware is available for self-study.

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