Ethical Hacking Essentials

Ethical Hacking Essentials

Ethical Hacking Essentials is an introductory cybersecurity course that prepares students to begin their career in cybersecurity by teaching ethical hacking and penetration testing fundamentals. This course will introduce students to cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors such as web applications, wireless, mobile, IoT, network-level attacks, and countermeasures.

Students will learn what to expect in the field of ethical hacking and with 29 labs, this active learning course ensures that students receive the hands-on, practical experience to give them the skills necessary for a future in cybersecurity.

About the Ethical Hacking Essentials Course

Course Outline

  • Information Security Fundamentals
  • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
  • Information Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Password Cracking Techniques and Countermeasures
  • Social Engineering Techniques and Countermeasures
  • Network Level Attacks and Countermeasures

  • Web Application Attacks and Countermeasures
  • Wireless Attacks and Countermeasures
  • Mobile Attacks and Countermeasures
  • IoT and OT Attacks and Countermeasures
  • Cloud Computing Threats and Countermeasures
  • Penetration Testing Fundamentals

  • Discuss the key issues plaguing the information security world and review various information security laws and regulations.
  • Comprehend Cyber Kill Chain Methodology, hacking and ethical hacking concepts, hacker classes, different phases of a hacking cycle, and assess essential ethical hacking tools.
  • Examine various information security threats and vulnerabilities, identify different types of malware and perform vulnerability assessments.
  • Explain and use different password cracking, social engineering, insider threats, and identity theft techniques, and discuss their countermeasures.
  • Examine various network-level attacks, including sniffing, denial-of-service, and session hijacking, and discuss their countermeasures.
  • Examine various application-level attacks, including webserver exploitation, OWASP top10 attacks, and SQL injection, and discuss their countermeasures.

  • Discuss different types of wireless encryption, examine wireless threats and attacks, and suggest countermeasures.
  • Describe various mobile platform attack vectors, mobile device management, mobile security guidelines, and identify essential mobile security tools.
  • Discuss IoT and OT concepts, examine various IoT and OT threats and attacks, and suggest countermeasures.
  • Describe various Cloud computing technologies, examine cloud computing threats and attacks, and identify security techniques.
  • Discuss fundamentals of penetration testing, its benefits, strategies, and phases, and examine guidelines for penetration testing.

Passing Score

In order to maintain the high integrity of our certification exams, EC-Council Exams are provided in multiple forms (I.e. different question banks). Each form is carefully analyzed through beta testing with an appropriate sample group under the purview of a committee of subject matter experts that ensure that each of our exams not only has academic rigor but also has “real world” applicability. We also have a process to determine the difficulty rating of each question. The individual rating then contributes to an overall “Cut Score” for each exam form. To ensure each form has equal assessment standards, cut scores are set on a “per exam form” basis. Depending on which exam form is challenged, cut scores can range from 60% to 78%.

Exam Details

  • Exam Length: 2 Hours
  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice
  • Exam Platform: ECC Exam Center
  • # of Questions: 75
  • Certification: Ethical Hacking Essentials

  • Help Desk Technician
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Cyber Crime Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Cybersecurity Technician
  • Desktop Support
  • Desktop Support Technician

  • Network Administrator
  • Incident & Intrusion Analyst
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Network Technical Specialist
  • Cyber Forensic Specialist
  • Intelligence Operations Specialist
  • Cyber Operations Technician

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