Dark Web Forensics

Dark Web Forensics

Dark Web Forensics Deep Dive

In this workshop you will be given a tour of the dark web and walked through the technical details of how it works. You will get hands on experience conducting dark web investigations. This includes how to identify relevant information and how to investigate it.

WARNING: The content in this video contains potentially offensive topics and adult content. Viewer discretion advised.

Workshop Outline

  • a. TOR
  • b. Tumblers
  • c. Exit nodes

  • a. Drug markets
  • b. Financial crimes
  • c. Deviant markets
  • d. Terrorist markets

  • a. Step by step process
  • b. Specific guidance
  • c. Tor Crawlers
  • d. Keeping your identity safe and secure

This version of The Dark Web Forensic Deep Dive contains some content that has been redacted. An un-redacted version is available for law enforcement, please contact us here for more information.


  • An overview and exploration of the dark web
  • Review of the technologies involved
  • Review of existing markets
  • Discussion of search methods

  • How to create an identity for investigation
  • Vulnerability scanning the dark web
  • Breaching markets
  • Crawling the dark web

  • Tools used
  • Onion Crawler

Who is it for?

This training is useful for any forensic investigator but is particularly interesting to those trying to trace data leaks, financial crimes, and cyber-related crimes. This workshop includes hands-on labs.

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