EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE)

EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE)

EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) is a hands-on, instructor-led comprehensive DevSecOps certification program which helps professionals to build essential knowledge and abilities in designing, developing, maintaining a secure applications and infrastructure.

  • This course is blended with both theoretical knowledge as well as the practical implementation of DevSecOps in your on-prem and cloud-native (AWS and Azure) environment
  • The course covers integration and automation of all the major and widely used tools, processes, and methodologies of DevSecOps that help organizations to build secure applications rapidly in a DevOps environment

About the EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer Course

Course Outline

  • Module 01: Understanding DevOps Culture
  • Module 02: Introduction to DevSecOps
  • Module 03: DevSecOps Pipeline-Plan Stage
  • Module 04: DevSecOps Pipeline-Code Stage

  • Module 05: DevSecOps Pipeline-Build and Test Stage
  • Module 06: DevSecOps Pipeline-Release and Deploy Stage
  • Module 07: DevSecOps Pipeline-Operate and Monitor Stage

  • The information provided in the E|CDE course is complemented with practical implementation of labs that allows you to easily get DevSecOps Engineer job in any part of the world.
  • Whether your organization workloads or applications deployed in on-premises or cloud-native environment (AWS or Azure), this course will teach you how to use various DevSecOps tools and secure the application code throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • The DevSecOps security tools that help in secure development of software products or web applications are subtly segregated into On-premises and Cloud-native environment.

  • The E|CDE course not only focuses on Application DevSecOps, but it also provides insights into infrastructure DevSecOps.
  • The integration of all the popular and important tools are illustrated in respective stages of DevOps lifecycle.
  • The E|CDE program helps DevSecOps Engineer to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills in securing the application in all the stages of DevOps.
  • This makes the certification stand apart from all other DevSecOps certification programs available in the market.

  • Understand the DevOps culture and principles and learn about the exhaustive list of tools and technologies that enable adopting DevOps methodologies.
  • Understand the security bottlenecks while implementing DevOps and learn the DevSecOps culture, philosophy, practices, and tools to enhance collaboration and communication across the development and operations teams.
  • Transform the organization’s security practices from the traditional approach by integrating security into Continuous Delivery workflows.
  • Understand the DevSecOps toolchain and include security controls in the DevOps automated pipeline.
  • Learn to Integrate Eclipse, Github with Jenkins to Build Applications
  • Align various security practices like security requirement gathering, threat modelling, secure code reviews etc., with the development workflow.
  • Learn to integrate threat modelling tools like Threat Dragon, Threat Modeler and Threatspec.
  • Integrate Jira and Confluence to manage security requirements
  • Learn integration of security plugins, scanners, Software composition analysis (SCA) tools with IDE to detect and mitigate vulnerability during development and Shift-Left security approach from prevention to identification.
  • Learn to use Jenkins in creating a secure CI/CD pipeline.
  • Understand and implement continuous security testing and learn the use of various SAST tools (Synk, SonarQube, Checkmarx) DAST tools (Stackhawk, OWASP ZAP Baseline Scan) IAST (Checkmarx, NetSparker) and SCA tools (Debricked, White Source Bolt, OWASP Dependency-Check).
  • Integrate RASP tools like Hdiv, Sqreen and Dynatrace protects the application during runtime with fewer false positives and remediate known vulnerabilities
  • Integrate SonarLint with Eclipse, Visual Studio, VS Code IDE
  • Implement tools like JFrog Security IDE Plugin, Snyk ID, and Codac
  • Integrate automated security testing into a CI/CD pipeline Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, Amazon ECR, AWS Lambda, and AWS Security Hub.

  • Various automation tools and practices help automate development, security, and operations both in on-Premises and cloud environments.
  • Integrate tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Teamcity and Gradle.
  • Perform continuous vulnerability scans on product builds using various automated scanning tools like Nessus, SonarQube, SonarCloud, Amazon Macie, and Probely Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Implement penetration testing tools like GitGraber, and GitMiner to secure the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Learn AWS and Azure DevSecOps Tools for Securing Applications.
  • Learn to integrate automated tools to identify security misconfigurations that lead to exposure of sensitive information and result in attacks.
  • Understand infrastructure as Code (Iac) to provision and configure infrastructure using various tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef.
  • Understand the tools and services to monitor infrastructure, network, and applications in On-prem and cloud environments.
  • Audit everything from code pushes, pipelines, compliances using various logging tools and monitoring logs like Sumo Logic, Datadog, Splunk, ELK and Nagios.
  • Use automated monitoring and alerting tools and create a real-time alerting and control system. Splunk, Azure Monitor, Nagios.
  • Integrate compliance as code (CaC) tools like Cloud Custodian, DevSec to ensure that the regulatory or compliance requirements of an organization are met without influencing the production
  • Learn to scan and secure the infrastructure using container and image scanners (Trivy, Qualys) infrastructure Security scanners (BridgeCrew, Checkov).
  • Integrate tools and practices to build continuous feedback in the DevSecOps pipeline using email notification in Jenkins and Microsoft Teams.
  • Integrate alerting tools like OpsGenie with log management, and monitoring tools enhance the performance and security of the operations.

Exam Title: EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE)

Exam Code: 312-97 (ECC EXAM), 312-50 (VUE)

Number of Questions: 100

Test Format: Multiple Choice

Duration: 4 Hours

Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal

Passing Score: 70%

  • DevSecOps Engineer/Senior DevSecOps Engineer
  • Cloud DevSecOps Engineer
  • Azure DevSecOps Engineer
  • AWS DevSecOps Engineer
  • DevSecOps Analyst
  • DevSecOps Specialist
  • DevSecOps Operations Engineer

  • DevSecOps Systems Administrator
  • DevSecOps System Engineer
  • DevSecOps Consultant
  • DevSecOps Systems Engineer
  • DevSecOps CI/CD Engineer
  • Infrastructure DevSecOps Engineer

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