Gale Force 10 Expansion Pack



Turn your STORM into a hurricane with the Gale Force 10 expansion pack! EC-Council has assembled the ultimate set of accessories to make your STORM Mobile Security Toolkit even more powerful.

This expansion pack adds independent power for complete mobility, further reach, Wi-Fi and radio tools for packet sniffing, drone detection, as well as the ability to add devices to complete your hacking network and isolate it from the customer network both on Wi-Fi and physical Ethernet.

*The Gale Force 10 Expansion Pack is sold as a bundle and not as individual components.
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Product Item Details

*Due to limited availability, Items may be substituted for similar item with same function

*Images are for reference only and may not depict item

  • A handy, convenient on/off switch for your STORM. Press it after shutting down from the GUI or issuing the shutdown command.
  • Power your entire STORM lab or pen test rig with one 4 port power supply. Make it portable. Take it anywhere.
  • Use software defined radio (SDR) to sniff anything related to RF. Detect drones, track airplane transponders, listen to and process RF information.
  • A sturdy, quiet, usable and accurate keyboard for you and your STORM.
  • Create a bridge between your wired and wireless networks.
  • Do your wireless hacking while the wired side is protected.
  • Separate your STORM hacking from your wireless Internet access.
  • Use “manage mode” from your STORM built-in wireless, and “monitor mode” from this adapter in order to sniff the RF spectrum.
  • Run aircrack, airbase and other tools to practice your hacking skills.
  • An ethernet switch so that you can centralize your “layer 2” activities, set up your own lab, or interface your STORM with other networks.
  • Run it from the included power supply, or from one of the USB ports on your STORM.
  • Steady power designed specifically for your STORM!
    • .5 A 5.1 V power supply
    • 1.5 m cable
*The Gale Force 10 Expansion Pack is sold as a kit and not as individual components.
*Images are for reference only and may not depict actual item

Item Specs

*Due to limited availability, Items may be substituted for similar item with same function

*Images are for reference only and may not depict actual item

 Raspberry Pi Micro USB Cable with ON / OFF Switch
  • Micro USB Cable with ON / OFF Switch for your CONVENIENCE
  • No need to pull the cable to restart or reboot your PI, just press the button to turn your Pi on and off
  • 5ft (1.5m) length – RoHS Compliant
  • Helps prevent the Pi’s USB connector from wear and tear due to frequent pulling and inserting the usb cable
  • Not for data transfer use
Network Wireless USB WiFi 802.11b/g/n High Power Long Range Adapter
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Wireless Data Rates Up to 150Mbps
  • USB 2.0
  • External Antenna
  • Black
USB-Powered 10/100 5-Port Switch
  • Pocket-size Fast Ethernet switches are a quick way to build a small network or add ports to an existing network.
  • Can be powered through a PC’s USB port so there’s no need to find a spare outlet. Or use the included AC power supply
Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard & Mouse (White/Red)
  • Keyboard incorporates three USB 2.0 type-A ports for powering the mouse and other peripherals
  • 78-key US keyboard layout
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Compatible with all Raspberry Pi products
Wireless Travel Router
  • Wireless Data Transfer and Backup Anywhere] Connect SD cards, portable hard drive, SSD wirelessly to your devices, transfer files mutually between SD Card, SSD/HDD and your device.
  • Portable Wifi Touter for Travel. Instantly convert a wired network to private and share Internet access with multiple Wi-Fi devices via AP Mode/Router Mode/Bridge
  • Seamlessly share and stream your data on your connected DLNA devices via App or Web.(5 device allowed)
  • Automatically back up your data to attached SD Card or HDD. (Please make sure you have connect the wifi of RP-WD009 in 10 meters)
Solar Power Bank, 30000mAh Wireless Charger USB C Portable Charger, Solar Charger Power Super bright LED flashlight: 4 lighting modes, with a range of up to 40 meters.
  • • 6 Output Ports: 3 USB ports(5V/3A) + 1 QI Wireless + 1 Type C output(PD18W Max) + 1 USB C Fast Charging output(QC3.0), can charge 6 devices at the same time.
  • Large Capacity: 30000mAh solar charger, always keep your phone with high battery
  • Rugged and drop resistant: ABS material, stylish and decent, IPX5 waterproof.
  • 3 Charging Ways: Type-c port (In & Out) + micro input(18Wmax)5V/2A + solar, Charged by power and solar energy. Fast and Safe


Note: Because this is a 30000mAh high-capacity solar charger, which needs high-current input. DC5V/1A is not enough to input this power bank normally, it will be more than 3 times slower. Therefore, it is required to use DC5V/2A adapter.


Power Supply 5.1V 2.5A Micro USB Power Adapter Charger
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 B and Pi 3 B. Not compatible with the Pi 4.
  •  Output: 5V DC / 2.5A Regulated
  •  UL Listed
  •  5ft Cord Length
  •  Power or charge any MicroUSB power device, such as tablets or phones
DVB-T DAB FM, RTL2832U & R820T Tuner, Mini USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B Receiver
  • • USB 2.0 Digital DVB-T SDR+DAB+FM HDTV TV Tuner Receiver Stick RTL2832U+R820T2,Digital Terrestral Video and Radio Programs Recording
  • Compatible with most SDR software, including SDR#. Provides an approximate tuning range of 25MHz-1700MHz for software defined radio (SDR). Support both MPEG-2, MPEG-4(H.264) encoding,
  • Multi-Language installation and application program, On-Fly Decode software technique