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  • Video Training
  • E-Courseware
  • Exam Voucher
  • 6 Months Official Labs

Official Printed Courseware

  • ECES-book-cover

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Popular Add Ons

  • Mobile Security Tool Kit

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  • About the STORM *

    Product Description:EC-Council’s Mobile Security Toolkit (Better known as the STORM!) is a fully-loaded pen-test platform which comes equipped with STORM Linux (a Raspbian based, customized distro of Linux equipped with the industry’s most popular hacking tools) loaded onto a portable touchscreen device.
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  • Gale Force 10 Expansion Pack *

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  • About the Expansion pack: *

    Product Description:

    Turn your STORM into a hurricane with the Gale Force 10 expansion pack! EC-Council has assembled the ultimate set of accessories to make your STORM Mobile Security Toolkit even more powerful. This expansion pack adds independent power for complete mobility, further reach, Wi-Fi and radio tools for packet sniffing, drone detection, as well as the ability to add devices to complete your hacking network and isolate it from the customer network both on Wi-Fi and physical Ethernet.

    *The Gale Force 10 Expansion Pack is sold as a bundle and not as individual components.
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