PHP Security (MicroDegree)



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Security is difficult to add on to an existing application and the cost of a data breach can be enormous to you; Under the GDPR your company can be fined up to €10 million if you are found to be negligent in how you secure your customers data.

This course will help you to learn the practical skills that you can apply while developing in order to produce a secure web application. It takes a practical approach to security and comprehensively addresses each part of your web application and how it is deployed.


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    Course Outline

    • Course Overview
    • Chapter 1: Up and Running
    • Chapter 2: Upgrading to PHP7
    • Chapter 3: Securing Your Webserver
    • Chapter 4: Serverless PHP
    • Chapter 5: Defining Security Requirements
    • Chapter 6: Leveraging Frameworks and Limitations
    • Chapter 7: Secure Database Access
    • Chapter 8: Encode and Escape Data
    • Chapter 9: Validate Inputs
    • Chapter 10: Implementing Digital Identity
    • Chapter 11: Enforce Access Controls
    • Chapter 12: Protect Data Everywhere
    • Chapter 13: Implement Secure Logging
    • Chapter 14: Handle All Errors and Exceptions
    • Chapter 15: Practical OWASP Top 10
    • Chapter 16: Conclusion